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Zoom mediate no matter where in the US or world!

Private Courts has expanded and you can Zoom-resolve from anywhere about anything- all you need is this skilled neutral! When I hear how the system has robbed so many of fairness – I highly recommend mediation. It keeps parties in control of the outcomes, rather than some random judge, who hardly delves deep, into making the decisions for you! More often than not its weighted in favor of one above another as a lot depends on how one formulates and presents one’s case- bound by process and procedure that in and of itself is daunting. Or who affords or hires the better attorney! In mediation, you get to control the outcome and can walk away if you are unhappy and choose to refuse to sign a settlement. In mediation you can still have separate lawyers on board as consulting attorneys – if you choose. Or as representing lawyers. If the lawyer is on a consulting basis and not retained- you are more in control of the billing!

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